Patient Support & Practice Resources

Verastem Cares is a comprehensive, personalized program designed to provide information and assistance to patients who have been prescribed COPIKTRA (duvelisib)

Patient Support Program and Patient Assistance
Oncology Nurse Advocate

Oncology Nurse Advocate

  • The primary point of contact at Verastem Cares to support patient access and education for patients taking COPIKTRA
Copiktra Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance*

  • Co-pay card with out-of-pocket costs as low as $5/prescription
  • COPIKTRA Patient Assistance Program (PAP)
Copiktra Patient Support

Resource Support*

  • Connecting patients to organizations that can provide guidance and resources
Copiktra Bridge Program

Bridge Program*

  • Treatment access assistance for patients experiencing coverage delays or loss of insurance for >5 days
Copiktra Dose Exchange Program

Dose Exchange Program*

  • Free 14- to 28-day supply of COPIKTRA when a change in dose is required
  • Available up to 2 times in a calendar year
  • Must have capsules remaining from a current on-label prescription of COPIKTRA
  • Download Dose Exchange form
  • *

    Subject to eligibility requirements. Restrictions apply.

  • Verastem Cares is not intended to provide medical advice, replace prescribed treatment plans, or provide treatment or case management services. Patients are advised to always talk to their healthcare provider about any medical decisions.

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